Every Rep Counts
November 3, 2018

8:30am - Noon

Dragonfly Fitness & Training
Every Rep Counts
Dragonfly Fitness & Training
November 3, 2018 8:30am - Noon

Join us for Every Rep Counts!

100% of proceeds benefit Gateway Pet Guardians, Tenth Life Cat Rescue, & Athletes for Animals

TRAINER REPS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!! (Click CLAIM at the top to donate) Dragonfly Trainers are getting into the action once again to raise money with reps! Donate and give reps however you please! Reps will be done during the event!

Missy --> TRX Mountain Climbers ($10 for 5 reps, each side) Kelli --> Bodyweight Walking Lunges ($10 for 5 reps, each side) Renah --> Combo of Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups ($10 for 3 reps)

VIP Raffle includes 4 Field Box Tickets to Cardinals Game on Friday, April 19 vs. Mets, Appetizer Party for 20 at Edibles & Essentials ($500 value), and the Dragonfly Team Basket (Priceless). Only 40 tickets are available for each prize. Please specify which prize you are purchasing raffle ticket(s) for. Tickets are $10 each.


Registration Open/Warm-Up 8:15am, Events starts 9:15am 9:15am Heat 1, 9:55am Heat 2, 10:35am Heat 3 (if needed) Winners announced at 11:30am.

$140/team (4-person, all-female team)

All team members will receive an awesome event swag bag! (Register before 9/28 for free t-shirt.) Here are more details for you:

Teams of 4 will perform the max number of reps in one minute for the selected exercises. (There will be a one minute break between the movements.) One team member will perform all exercises in a row just one time, and then the next team member will go.

Teams can choose from the Open Division or Novice Division. Teams are all female. Each team will have a counter and standards for each exercise will be sent prior to the event and reviewed at the event.

OPEN: Barbell Push Press 65# Kettlebell Front Squats 52# (2 - 26# KBs) Row for Calories Kettlebell Farmers Carries 106# (2 - 53# KBs)

NOVICE: Barbell Push Press 45# Kettlebell Goblet Squats 30# Row for Calories Kettlebell Farmers Carries 80# (2 - 40# KBs)

EVERY POUND COUNTS — BARBELL DEADLIFT (Individual Event) SOLD OUT! Deadlift 1-Rep Max - You will get 3 attempts at your 1-rep max. Open Division: (DL more than 175#), Novice Division: (DL 100 – 175#) Registration Open/Warm-up 7:45am, Event starts 8:30am. Winners announced immediately following event.